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domestic bathroom with vinyl flooring
Unfurnished home interior with hardwood floor

Restore your floors with our floor sanding services

Based in Bristol, IH Flooring can bring floors back to life in homes, schools and businesses across the South West.

Professional dust-free floor sanding

IH flooring have over 20 years' experience in the sanding and finishing of wooden floors in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. We have the latest floor sanding machines that guarantee a 99% dust free job. We can sand and finish any type of wood from old pine floorboards to parquet blocks.


If you have a wood floor that you think is beyond repair, then feel free to give us a call, you may be surprised what can be done. We're happy to provide evidence of our recent floor sanding projects before you decide to hire us. The minimum price for sanding is £600 plus VAT.

Keeping your wood flooring looking its best

To keep your wooden floors looking their best, it's recommended you get them sanded and refinished once every 10 years. Depending on how much foot traffic there is on the floor, you may need to get them sanded more or less often.

If you've noticed lots of scratches, discolouration or water damage to your boards, it's definitely time to give your wood flooring some TLC.

Why choose us to refinish your floor?

  • 15 years' experience

  • Which? Trusted Traders

  • BONA Certified Contractor

  • Family run business

  • We regularly receive great feedback

sanded wooden floor and stairs

How is floor sanding completed?

Floors will be sanded to a near tabletop finish. We will belt and edge sand the floor up to a fine 120 sanding grit. Larger gaps will be filled with wooden wedges, and smaller gaps with resin filler mixed with the dust created from the floor for an exact colour match. We will then polish the floor with fine mesh sanding pads and apply the finishing coat of your choice.

before and after of a sanded floor

Call IH Flooring in Bristol today to get a free quote on our floor sanding services

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